Dent Removal Services Buffalo, NY

If you’ve got a dent on your vehicle and the paint is not damaged, you might be eligible to take advantage of our dent removal service. This alternative allows you to save money because repairing dents using this process does not require the damaged part of the vehicle to be repainted. Whether your sustained minor body dents or bumper damage from a collision, our dent removal service is a great and viable option for you.

Your vehicle is likely to receive damage to the posterior due to its usage; however, most of these damages are minor and don’t require extensive repair. We use specialized tools to remove these protrusions from your vehicle. These tools allow us to access almost any part of your vehicle, give us a lot of flexibility to fix most dents. One of the best advantages of using these tools is that, because of their size, allow us to get into hard spot.

Below you’ll find our pricing guide for our dent removal services.

Size of dent & cost to repair:

Dime $50.00

Nickel $60.00

Quarter $75.00

Golf ball $100.00

Soft ball $150.00+

*Dents on roof: $50.00 for removing the headliner plus price of dent.

*If the dent is on an aluminum panel it doubles the price.

Please call for a hail damage quote.