NO ONE wants to have their auto insurance to go up!

At Terps AutoSpa and Collision we can help you put together an auto repair estimate in Buffalo, NY to submit to your auto insurance claim department. We also prepare auto repair estimates for those who choose to pay out of their own pocked. Some clients prefer to pay for repairs themselves, and Terps AutoSpa and Collision will provide a customer-paid estimate that will NOT cost them as much as the cost if they had submitted it to their insurance company in Buffalo, NY.

Your insurance company will need to know the extent of the damage to your vehicle and then you, the customer, needs to find out what the amount of your policy deductible is going to be covered. At Terps AutoSpa and Collision we will pay half of what your deductible policy is. This should make it easier to decide whether to submit an insurance claim or pay for the repairs yourself.

If you decide to submit a claim, here’s a list of things to do:

  • Get a claim number from your insurance company and provide it to us at Terps AutoSpa and Collision.
  • Ask us to provide an estimate directly to your insurance company, and give us the claim number to reference.
  • Allow the insurance company to negotiate with us and you won’t need to worry about as much.
  • Make sure that the repair work is acceptable.
  • Pay your half of the deductible in full to us at Terps AutoSpa and Collision.
  • Sign the limited power of attorney for any completed complimentary repairs.
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